Workshop at G-Corp Media

G-Corp Media hosted a workshop on the 12th November 2022 to educate students about the art (and science) of voice-over and dubbing. Pitch, Modulation and Tone, the three elements pivotal to the session. Hosting a small student-teacher ratio, the founder Gurdip was delighted at the fact that she could devote her attention to a concentrated bunch of keen learners. She has always preferred and advocated quality learning over quantity.

Gurdip encouraged everyone to begin a brief round of introductions as an ice-breaker, followed by her brief journey from the beginning. Her eyes gleamed with a sparkle and her voice began to also modulate well enough, with a few emotional moments here and there as she went down memory lane. Well who wouldn’t, after the treacherous path they choose to walk and trudge through.

Needless to say, she wasn’t just a voice-over artist in that moment, but an individual speaking with the backbone of experience supporting her. A few anecdotal highlights, with a few quick demonstrations here and there. Quite the rich experience.

A voice-over is speech content recorded separately over the original video content, either by a voice-actor not related to the content or else by the character’s actor itself. Dubbing is where a voice-actor records dialogue in a language different from the video. Both of these skills share a common ground in modulation, tone and pitch.

Why though, does G-Corp Media bother to host workshops at all? The company revolves around the voice industry, where it behaves as a mediator between artists and clients, along with supplying artistes to others. Collaboration is a virtue which the organization firmly believes in. “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” said American Industrialist Henry Ford.

The workshop had both kids and adults, of both genders and age groups. This shows that learners do in fact come from diverse walks of life. One major benefit of such a mix is each individual witnessing another and moving forward in the same space, regardless of their experience beforehand. In essence, G-Corp makes the industry and its learnings accessible to anyone who is keen, including its various benefits.

Few students also confessed their initial hesitation to participate in the workshop, owing to the reasons of self-doubt and also self-claimed inexperience. There was a common dislike for their own voices, which reduced their self confidence for even participating in the first place. Interestingly, since the icebreaker, the atmosphere gradually livened up and curiosity peaked through the roof. This was proof that doubting ourselves collectively does indeed relax us automatically!

The cherry on the icing was the coordination between the Chief Sound Engineer Jai Parmar (rightmost in photo), each of the students and also the Founder Gurdip (center) herself. Jai not only handled the recording but also helped the student in their lines, tones and overall quality checks in real time. As for Gurdip, she provided the perfect balance between suggestions and praises so as to guide the student’s self-confidence and performance in the right direction.

She ensured that each student was guided as per where they were and the direction they needed to head in, whilst simultaneously keeping a common foundation lesson to all. After all, every individual’s voice is distinct.

Workshops here are organized on a monthly basis. Customized Boot Camps offered, Summer Workshops and After-School Training Programs for Kids as well. The programs are fun, interactive in nature and focus on skill-based learning, talent training and personality development. All students also receive their studio-recorded samples as part of the workshop fee, and if they are persistent with their efforts to voice-act well enough, then they might even have a place in the hearts of our database for future clients!

G-Corp Media, specializing in voice communications since 2006, is one such brand which has devoted its time to the powerful reach of the voice. The brainchild of Gurdip Wadhwa Sial, a former banker turned Voice-preneur, behind the voices of Flipkart and Amazon. The brand provides a diverse range of services, from IVR and Dubbing to Script Translations and E-Learning, to name a few. It also caters to clients like Google and Microsoft, especially Indian companies like Flipkart and Glenmark. The company ensures that it retains the authenticity and culture of all Indian languages.

Dear reader, has this blog so far caught your attention and interest you to learn?

Why not come down and visit us for a workshop? Let G-Corp Media bring out the true artist in you, and help your voice attract devoted listeners. Check out more details here. Feel free to have a chat with us at +919324011612.

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