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How To Speak Confidently?

Confidence is the quality of the way, in which one speaks, that assures the listener, of the truth of whatever is being said. It is a highly coveted quality, and is a necessity among leadership positions. Lacking this quality, can cost you a lot of things, in both personal, and professional life and thus, you should take it upon yourself to hone this skill. The effects of a confident way of speaking, are almost quite magical sometimes. It can create a good first impression, or it can even change the course of our history, depending on how many people, it is heard by. Steve Jobs turned into a cult figure, using this in his famous Apple keynote addresses, Gandhiji, convinced an entire populace to do the unlikely and give up violence, the most basic human impulse. You can also use this in everyday occurrences as you always need to be effective in putting across any idea that you wish to convey.

Here are some tips to make sure your first impression always comes off as self-assuring and portraying a rock solid self-esteem:

  1. Use diaphragmatic speech: There is an organ called the diaphragm right under our lungs that is responsible for pushing the air in and out of your lungs. The one way this organ can be triggered properly is by exhaling slightly harder than usual. This is called diaphragmatic breathing and this gives your voice a deeper tone, since it causes your vocal cords to vibrate more vigorously thus creating a more resonant sound.
  2. Develop the right mindset: The belief necessary to create the impression of confidence is the conviction in the idea that you are right in whatever you say. An unsure person always keeps second-guessing themselves, this can make the person stutter and stumble while speaking. The fluency of speaking is also affected by this, making the pauses and breaks you take between sentences and words inappropriately long and misplaced. The opposite of the former mentioned statement happens when you have a confident mindset. It causes you to speak in a flow that makes you stand out from the crowd.
  3. Master the art of relaxation: Surety and fearlessness are the bi-products of a confident mindset. A lion does not fear the consequences of sitting unguarded, lazing around for hours because it has nothing to be worried about, it has no natural predators other than humans. We can learn from this creature because this applies also to humans. Being jittery and anxious can affect your speech patterns and make you less appear less trust-worthy.

The classes provided by G-Corp Media are the solution to your problems of finding the right amount of confidence in your voice without sounding too rude. Our workshops have been very successful at guiding our clients in the right way to speak in any situation, whether it can be speaking in a meeting or a public speaking event. This course is highly comprehensive and can teach you every aspect of confidence and the right ways to apply it.

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