How to become a pro voice over professional?

When your voice becomes your career, something you are passionate about, then how do you take it to the next level, how do you become a professional voice-over (VO) artist? Well it’s really not rocket science, it actually involves a combination of honing your skills, building a portfolio, marketing yourself, and networking within the industry. We have broken it down into 12 steps, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to become a pro voice-over professional.


  1. Develop Your Vocal Skills:
    • Voice Training: Consider working with a voice coach to improve your vocal range, pitch, tone, tempo and control.
    • Acting Classes: Voice-over is a form of acting. Taking acting or drama classes helps you convey emotions, throw your voice and teaches you to connect with your audiences.
    • Script Analysis: Learn how to analyse scripts to understand the context, tone, and emotion behind the words.Here we work with a lot of expression exercises.
  2. Create a Professional Voice Demo Show Reel:
    • Record a high-quality voice demo showreel showcasing your versatility. Include samples of different styles such as narration, commercials, character voices, and more.
    • Ensure the showreel is well-edited and highlights your best work.
    • The showreel should be crisp, clear and not more than 3 to 4mins. Try to give 20-30sec voice samples of each style.
    • Send only those voice samples that would be considered for the project/voice requirement.
  3. Create a Home Studio Setup:
    • Invest in a quality microphone, headphones, and audio interface for a professional sound.
    • Set up a quiet and acoustically treated space for recording.
    • We recommend if recording at home with your phone, place the phone in your cupboard, place a few cushions inside it and record.
    • Download audacity/any other free auditing software to help in editing your recording samples.
  4. Understand Your Niche:
    • Identify your niche within the voice-over industry. This could be commercials, audiobooks, animation, video games, corporate narration, etc. Remember every voice has a fit, find your fit, that is where your voice sounds the best and creates an impact.
    • Tailor your demo reel and marketing efforts to your chosen niche.
  5. Create an Online Presence:
    • Build a professional website showcasing your demo reel, resume, and contact information.
    • Establish a presence on social media platforms frequented by professionals in the industry.
  6. Joining Online Platforms:
    • Create profiles on voice-over marketplaces like, Voice123, or Fiverr to find opportunities.
    • Network with other voice-over artists on forums and social media.
  7. Stay Updated:
    • Stay updated on industry trends and new technologies.
    • Attend workshops, webinars, and conferences to enhance your skills and knowledge.
  8. Market Yourself:
    • Develop a marketing strategy to promote your services.
    • Use social media, your website, and online profiles to showcase your work.
    • Consider creating a professional business card and promotional materials.
  9. Build a Portfolio:
    • Work on a variety of projects to build your portfolio.
    • Include testimonials from satisfied clients on your website.
  10. Networking:
    • Attend industry events, join online forums, and connect with other professionals.
    • Networking can lead to referrals and collaborations.
  11. Invest in Professional Training:
    • Take professional help or training for your voice, like at G -Corp Media we help train you, to become a professional voice artist.
    • Training opens opportunities for you and your voice.
  12. StayingRelevant:
    • Breaking into the voice-over industry can take time. If a client rejects your sample, do not fret, maybe your voice wasn’t the right fit so move onto the next. Like at G-Corp Media we always say “every voice has a fit, find your fit”, most importantly keep working your voice.Stay persistent, patient, and continue refining your craft.

Remember, success in the voice-over industry often comes from a combination of talent, perseverance, passion and effective networking. Continuously, adapt to industry changes, be proactive in marketing yourself to stand out as a professional voice-over artist.

At G -Corp Media we say it’s all about willingness, so come train with us to become a pro voice over professional.

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