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About Us

G-Corp Media is a company that established itself in 2006, in Mumbai, India, as a voice over artist service provider. Gradually, it built a successful business module, from a Voice Over Agency, it expanded into a Voice, Visuals & Workshops hub, engaged in providing one stop solutions for all your audio, video, training and content needs. If ever, there is a ranking done for companies for Top Voice Over Services in India, we will be there in the top slot, without any doubt!

As the world is evolving to the new norm of remote work management, so are we. We were one of the first Voice Over Artist Companies in India, to offer all our services online as well. We acknowledged the change and created an enterprise that catered to all our client needs.

For a voice over company like us, it was all about willingness, to make every possibility work. Today we successfully manage clients across India and globally, with all our services available online as well.

G-Corp Media’s suite of services include; Voice Over, Dubbing, IVR, E-Learning, Translation, Ideation, Script Writing, Story Boarding, Video Production, Post Production, Voice Coaching, Boot Camps & Tool Kits for aspiring Voice Artists, and Communication Programs for Working Professionals, Individuals, Corporates and more.

As a company we believe in tapping into the best and deliver the quality within the timeline agreed and at the most competitive prices.

We have experts and experienced professionals from the industry who bring their skills and credible talent to the fore, managing and executing high end projects flawlessly with precision and finesse.

Our company based in Mumbai, India has a voice over & dubbing studio, managed by professional sound engineers where you can script, voice, record, and edit seamlessly in our creative bubble that we call G-Corp Media studio, giving you the best business working environment in a safe and secure place.

Whatever your company or individual requirement may be from a voice dubbing company, we have critical thinkers on board who will create ingenious business ideas, and will together harness the magic that makes your dream project come true for you and your esteemed company.

We are extremely proud of our professionals who work with us seamlessly when it comes to a dubbing agency, content creators etc., and especially where we strive to create the best of the bestvoice over recording and voice dubbing studio hubs to work with in Mumbai, India and globally. You can voice, dub and even rent our studios for whatever your needs may be, and we constantly upgrade our services, keeping in mind the new market trends, be it servicing and creating the right voice for your Chat Bots and other AI enabled services. Just visit us once and live the experience of G-Corp Media studios, it’s a one stop studio you will revisit again and again.

So finding the right studio that fits your dubbing, voice and studio requirements is just a click away;
Visit our website:www.gcorpmedia.com
Contact Number: +91- 9324011612

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