How Storytelling Can Be Used As An Effective Tool In Articulation?

How Storytelling can be used as an effective tool in articulation?

How many times have you misunderstood the message being conveyed or even the thoughts being conveyed and hence the wrong message comes across to your audience? Think for a moment where have you have faced such a situation?

Well! it happens to all of us, it’s all in the articulation of your speaker and one of the best ways to articulate effectively is by using the tool Storytelling.

We all have stories to tell and like we always say, “If you have a story to tell, tell it well”. A story is a tool that taps into our imagination. There is an art to telling stories and communicating effectively. After we hear something, we tend to forget it, but through stories we can enrich your thoughts, create moving images in your minds, where the whole flow of the story sticks with you and builds a relative narrative with you, it resonates with you such that you tend not to forget.

Articulation refers to how clearly someone forms words and has the ability of a good speaker to be coherent and easily understood. Articulation involves using proper pronunciation and grammar and using an appropriate volume and rate of speech. It’s the same training we give in Voice Modulation at G-Corp Media where you work on your Pitch, Tone and Tempo. So, it is important to work on your voice, diction and expression.

Being a good storyteller can convey your story or message effectively to your audience. So, what are the traits of a good storyteller well we say the 3R’s to storytelling works wonders with articulating, they are:

Relevance-How relevant is your story to your audience? Does it have a value or a takeaway?

Resonance-Does your story resonate, engage and leave a lasting impression with your audience?

Relationship-Does your story build a relationship with your audience, does it create a universal awareness and build trust?

Keeping the 3R’s in mind you can articulate your messages, thoughts, and presentations through the Art of Storytelling, where not only will your engagement factor increase but your stories will be embedded in their minds and trigger your messages for thoughtful conversations.

Through storytelling you cannot just articulate effectively but encourage, influence and create impactful messages.

So, invest today and reap the benefits tomorrow, at G-Corp Media we help you invest in your voice with our professional studio set up and professional voice coaches, voice-preneurs and storytellers, to give you that professional start in communicating effectively.

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