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Storyboarding services

Ever since we are children, we are trained to first externalize our thoughts. We are taught to take notes and draw diagrams in order to understand the variety of subjects that we are dealing with. The reason for this is something called working memory. This type of memory is the data we retain in our mind so we can also imagine altering it or playing with it. Unfortunately, this memory is very limited in its strength, and thus we rely on other tools to conceptualize abstract ideas. One such tool is called storyboarding.


Storyboarding is a technique used to pre-visualize any visual work of story-telling. Various frames of the film are drawn in boxes, in their respective sequences in a comic book box style. They are accompanied with written information about the scene, camerawork details, arrows denoting the directions in which certain people or objects are moving in the frame and the relevant information about the story or the scene being shown. Storyboarding is done for a variety of reasons; they are listed here below:


  1. Cost-efficiency: working with a set budget means you have to strictly work within the confines of a particular number. You cannot overspend under any circumstances and thus each and every person and object in the frame of the film, play or animation short needs to be accounted for. Storyboarding helps in mapping this process to a microscopic level, thus leaving no margin for error or any possibility of overspending. Any changes that can be made once the entire project is put into perspective are executed immediately and free of cost.


  1. Modifications: A storyboard allows you to change and alter any aspect of a story however you wish. Once the camera angles or the placement, movement and role of a character or an object is viewed on the storyboard, it can be audited for whether the combination of all the elements is creating the desired experience. If not, then the whole idea can be scrapped immediately like a rough sketch, so you and your team can start anew on a better idea.


  1. Help in organizing: Once a storyboard is decided upon to be the main reference for the film, it can help on the day of the production of the scene or the animation. In big budget productions or even smaller projects, everything hinges upon the proper utilization of resources. Thus, the moment-to-moment decision-making on the day of the execution of the idea, is made easier by the process of storyboarding.


There are several storyboarding artists working at G-Corp Media, and their expertise is employed in each video making process. Corporate e-learning videos, infographics, commercials and many such videos are made at the behest of their storyboarding skills. Their work experience makes them an essential part of this process.

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