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The Benefits of Being A Multilingual Voice Over Artist In India

One of the biggest challenges in India is the large plethora of languages that are in use. There are more than a thousand functional languages and many more dialects and other such variations. This can be quite taxing on the companies and agencies that deal in supplying voice over artists for specific services, therefore having a voice over artist who is well versed in a few of the official languages is a massive advantage. Here is a list of those advantages in detail ­–

  1. Accepting projects from all over India– There are many limitations you will face in job prospects, as a monolingual artist in a culturally diverse nation like India. Since we are in the second most populous nation in the world, there are thousands of works of art being produced each and every day. These wide varieties of projects present the multilingual voice over artist with opportunities that will be made available to a voice over artist in Tamil from Chennai, to a voice over artist in Hindi from Delhi.
  2. Become a multi-faceted voice over artist– There are different forms of pronunciations that are required to be mastered in more than four languages. A voice over artist in Malayalam language has completely different intonations and speech patterns, in comparison to a voice over artist in Urdu language. Thus, mastering these languages can turn you into a very seasoned voice over artist. Once you reach a certain stage of mastery, you could be a male and even try the voice of a female voice over artist, or be a female and produce the voice of a male voice over artist.
  3. Very less manpower required for dubbing a film in multiple languages– Many a times there are films or web-series that are required to be dubbed in multiple languages for being aired or released in other states all over the country. And then there are other middleman agencies required to hire artists from those states. But if you already have the proficiency of a voice over artist in the Marathi language or of a voice over artist in the English language, then you have saved your client the time and effort of hiring and dealing with multiple other service vendors.


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