How To Write Content With Respect To Time Frames?

Listening to a great advert or watching a good video or even a fun stand-up comedian, the impact they create on us, the value or entertainment factor that is delivered to us, is through the spoken word. How do they do that, so effectively and convincingly? Well! it all boils down to how skillful you are in writing and how well you understand your voice and the number of words you can speak when given a time frame. For any voice there is a tempo, that is the speed of delivery of words. An average voice has a tempo of 150-160 words per minute, where at this rate of words delivered per minute, your speech is clear and can be understood. More than this your speech may sound too fast or hurried so the clarity of words spoken is muffled, if lesser than this then your speech may tend to get dragged and sluggish and you might just put your audience to sleep.

So when constructing your content that is to be spoken, keep in mind the time frame of 150 words per minute is what can be accommodated when you write content for various mediums.

For example, if you had to write a speech for 5mins, how many words should your speech contain? If you are thinking of 1000 or 1500 words that’s incorrect, it’s actually very simple, if I can speak 150 words per minute then for 5mins its 5X150 = 750 words for a 5mins speech.

So if you had to write a speech for 5mins your written words should not be more than 750 words, as whoever is speaking will not be able to utter more than that.

If your voice tempo in voicing is a little faster you may be able to accommodate a few more words, but again that would be pushing the voicing boundaries and you may not be able to deliver a good, clear voice over. Remember there should be enough time to be able take the right pause or give the right expression or intonations with respect to any script you intend to voice.

So the fact remains that any content writer needs to keep these time frames in mind when writing for a voice over, script, video, promo, film etc. you need to write only that many words with regard to the time frame you have in hand. So if I’m writing a promo of 60 secs then my script should not be more than 150 words.

Now a good content writer who understands the rate of words spoken, will be able to deliver great scripts or written content accordingly.

A very effective exercise for any content writer is to read out their script and time it, this way you strive to perfection, end up saving time and avoid unnecessary rework or corrections.

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