Top 10 Secrets To Creating A Successful Podcast!

When it comes to listening to entertainment apart from music, the key word you hear lately is Podcast, be it The Michelle Obama Podcast, The Ben Shapiro Show, The Ranveer Show, Cyrus Says or On Purpose with Jay Shetty, the Podcast boom has led to an explosion of content available on podcast platforms across the world. So you might ask, are podcasts still popular in 2022? Well! the answer is Yes! podcasts are still popular in 2022. How popular are they? Well As of April 2021, results show that there are a total number of 850,000 active podcasts with more than 48 million episodes in total according to data. So that’s a promising number of active podcasts and podcast listeners that is increasing daily even as we speak. So if you have a voice (which of course you do have) and great topics of content that could be discussed or debated upon, which is of interest to a responsive audience, then you are in luck, for this is your opportunity to create your own podcast. Now how do i create a podcast? Well! It’s pretty simple, no rocket science here just follow these tips and start podcasting today.

10 Secrets to Podcasting:

  • Decide on a topic that will sustain for a series of podcasts, pick a topic you are passionate about and can talk about it.
  • Create your introduction page, signature tagline and signature tune.
  • Create a year calendar, updating the content and topics so you don’t end up repeating content. Script every episode and practice! practice! practice!
  • Speak with confidence, clarity, be concise, be concrete and courteous.
  • Use the language you are most comfortable in, be grammatically correct and be the master of the language especially when it comes to speaking or writing your craft.
  • Make sure your audio quality is the best, hence invest in a good mic and editing software, some sites like HubHopper have audio editing apps where you can actually record on your phone and edit on the desktop app provided.
  • Recording your podcast: if using your mobile phone use the recorder on your phone or download a good recording software like Voice Recorder Pro. When recording at home, keep the mobile in your cupboard at an angle such that your voice pops/blows don’t get recorded. Otherwise, you can record in a studio like G-Corp Media Studios.
  • For outdoor recording or outdoor interviews, you can use devices like the zoomH5 this is what a lot of reporters and journalists use, the Sony ICD-UX570F Light Weight Voice Recorder is another compact recorder device again which a lot of Rjs and OB (outdoor broadcast) jocks use.
  • Editing Software’s- Audacity is a good free editing software, easy to use on your laptop for editing your voice, adding music, show signatures, adjusting your underlay of music so it doesn’t overpower your voice, equalizing your audio, etc. In professional studios like G-Corp Media they have a sound engineer who uses professional studio software’s like Pro Tools etc. for editing.
  • Choose the platform you want to podcast on be it Anchor, Hub Hopper Studio, Spotify, Saavan etc. Sign up, hit publish and you are done.

So now that the secret is out and like we said it is pretty easy to Podcast on your own, we believe your voice should be heard and you should Podcast not just to enrich people and your audience but because of your love to engage. If you would like to master the techniques of being a good Podcaster, if you are dreaming of podcasting your own show then call G-Corp Media, with decades of experience, we have a professional training academy that can help you take those first steps into podcasting.

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Happy Podcasting folks!

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