The key influencers in the social media Industry today apart from Youtubers, Instagrammers, etc. are Podcasters.
Anyone, anywhere can start a podcast, be it audio or video enabled, it’s the top trending industry favourite, and at G Corp Media we have just the studio for your Podcast requirements.
We have podcast professionals, supervisors, voice artists, script writers, language professionals, content creators, anchors and hosts. So, if you have a thought, an idea, a passion you want to pursue and bring it to life, and share with audiences, then we can help you create and visualize the Podcast just for you at the G-Corp Media Podcast Studio.

We have hygienic recording studios, podcast shoot spaces, a powder room and more, to make sure that our studio for Podcasting caters to all our client needs.

Our studios are located in the central business suburbs of Mumbai, in a spacious commercial office tower Akruti Star, Andheri East, Mumbai, India and there are numerous restaurants and eateries in and around the establishment. There are ample ways to get to the studio by means of transport, you can take a cab, rickshaw, or even the metro train to the closest point.

We believe in creating a beautiful work experience for every customer, so whenever you need to Podcast, or even think of starting a podcast, then book our Studio For Hire.

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