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Voice Over Courses

The application of voiceovers and dubbings has grown exponentially since the increasing involvement of advertisements in our lives. Every ad, app or software demo, film/series trailer, requires a crisp, clear and assertive voice to guide the viewer through what the product or work of media is trying to convey. Even if you never wish to dabble in any fields that require voice talents, this skill can take you far ahead simply by applying it to daily life. Learning to talk in a manner in which people would like to hear you, is an ability that carries over to almost all other aspects of life. Whether it maybe confidently getting your point across in a board meeting, or it could be a conversation with someone you have met for the first time, a skilled voice can make sure that any event that requires speaking will always work out in your favour. Here are some reasons you should take classes for voice over and dubbing training:

1) Finding your voice: The very first step to even beginning to decide what you want to do with your voice, is to identify the quality of your voice. A voice coach can help you find that quality in your voice, an untrained ear may not usually notice. Which register do you speak from? What is the texture of your voice? Do you have a flexible vocal range? Which type of work would suit you best, voiceovers, animations or film dubbings? A trained professional, especially one with years of experience, can help you understand subtle concepts about how your voice works and what changes you can make to it.

2) Personal attention for better learning: Whenever attempting to master a new skill, practicing alone can lead you to embed your errors instead of systematically weeding them out. There will always be something you may not notice, that a seasoned coach will. These learning blind spots are inevitable for most skills, so you are much better off with someone personally guiding you.

3) Boosting your confidence: People in their daily life don’t know that they speak in a very erroneous manner, until they listen to their own voice in a recording. Full of misplaced pauses, hesitation, stumbling, wrongly executed inflections and so on. This makes can make it very difficult for others to take you seriously. They may even doubt whatever you are talking about. Communication has two sides- content and delivery and both of them are equally important. But a confident delivery decides if what you say will be considered or not. Voice coaches know how to help you produce every kind of delivery, to help you speak in the most charismatic way possible.

When choosing a voiceover class to attend, one must always be wary of the credentials of people claiming to be voice artists coaches. Since this profession doesn’t require a degree, many inexperienced people can proclaim themselves to be voice coaches.
G-Corp Media, one of the most premier voice coaching institute in India, makes sure, you don’t have to worry about any such thing, because they have top notch artist working with them, that can help you with any query you may have about voice acting. The voiceover classes they organize, are conducted by some of the most experienced professionals in the voiceover industry.

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