Studio for Hire

Studio for Hire

Have an incredible idea and you need to get it recorded in a studio which should match your imagination? If you are in Mumbai and looking for a recording studio on hourly basis, then look no further.

G-Corp Media is home to one of the most technologically advanced recording facilities in Mumbai. Featuring a 9mm double height, custom acoustically treated recording studio floor with variable wall paneling for flexible acoustic response, our main studio can accommodate up to 4 artists for any voice recording. When in our studio, you will be working with the best equipment like: Avid Pro Tools Recording Software, Yamaha O1V 96 digital mixer, AKG C414 XL Condenser Microphone and Genelec Studio Monitors. Not many dubbing studios in Mumbai can boast of having these hardware and software.

We also have a co working room available on hire to take care of meetings related to ideation, script writing, script discussion, client meetings etc.

    • Studio for Recording & Voice Booth


    • Script Reading/Discussion/Meeting Room


    • Video Editing Room


    • Song Recordings & Production


    • Co-working Space for Hire