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My Voice Over Story


Neeta My Voice Over StoryDeep down I am a creative person, a hardworking creative person. In the crazy world where a monkey and fish have to swim alike to prove their mettle, I had to dive into the world of studies to make a mark. In a small town like Jamshedpur, cosmopolitan as it might be, career choices were limited. My hard work and sharpness were mistaken to be an indication of a career in scientific studies. And so, following the herd, I did my Computer Technology engineering and worked in the IT industry for 10 odd years, which was a drag at best.  With husband’s increasing travel which was directly proportional to the increase in his salary, which was way more than mine, it only made sense for me to take a back seat and raise the kids. Can’t say the ride was completely enjoyable but it was definitely worth its weight in gold. The pressure wasn’t completely gone, it only changed its face. I became my own boss and the house was my domain where I ruled. Or so I thought. Phew! Who am I kidding? The kids and the maid were now my boss. So much mounting pressure to feed hungry mouths on time, match maid’s salary to Mrs. So and so, play dates, groceries, laundry, homework, school work, tiffin and so on became the routine. It’s not easy being a home maker as it is, but after having worked in a corporate or anywhere it is even more difficult to adjust being indoors.

As kids were growing up, there was a growing need for me to follow my dreams and desires. I started out by writing a few blogs, assisting in book writing and then stumbled upon this vast ocean of voice overs. To be specific, I saw a Voice Over sample of a friend who had done the amazing Voice Over training under Gurdip of G-Corp Media. I got in touch with my friend who shared Gurdip’s number with me. The rest of the puzzle is easy to piece together. I contacted Gurdip and attended her Voice Over Workshop for Beginners. Met some like- minded people but most importantly, met the dynamic, inspiring and motivating powerhouse Gurdip. Before I proceed, I must add that Gurdip is a thorough professional with exceptional warmth and exudes so much optimism and positivity that I believed in myself and my ability after interacting with her.

Until the training, I had no idea of the vastness of the Voice Over world. It was a crisp training covering all aspects of Voice Over and enlightening all the participants of the infinite possibilities. Gurdip helped us understand what Voice Over is all about, the technical aspects, the mic etc, the software and hardware required, the kind of work available in the market, how to go about looking for work and so much more. There was hands-on training on different types of Voice Over with ready scripts. It was a lot of fun and a whole lot of learning.

It was like I had found my mojo. This excited me and spurred me on to learn and do better. It helped that I was training in Hindustani classical vocal for four years and so my voice definitely was refined but not good enough for modulation and recording. I pursued and undertook one on one lessons with Gurdip to learn the nuances of Voice Over. We did this during the pandemic and the classes were online. As soon as there was relaxation of restrictions on movement and travel, Gurdip invited me to the studio for practical lessons, and more than were actually due. She made sure she was present to teach me and guide me and never did she ever say, you can’t do it. With her constant support and motivation, my fondness for this art form increased. So much so that, I created a small recording booth in my house while renovating it. I now have the means to take on independent work and work from the comfort of my home and produce good quality Voice Over. Very recently I also did my first ever professional assignment of Voice Over under Gurdip’s guidance. Here’s hoping to grow by leaps and bounds in this field. I have found my voice and want it to be heard, are you ready to listen to it?

Neeta Agarwal Doshi

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