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What is IVR? How can IVRs be a career option for a Voice Artist?

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response.

IVRs are prompts that instruct a caller to find the right department or response to an enquiry.It is an automated phone system technology that allows incoming callers to access information via a voice response system of pre recorded messages, with a menu of options to press via a telephone key pad or a voice response system.

So here you have a Voice Artist who records and provides the messages for the IVR technology system.

Mostly businesses, corporates, banks, online shopping, retailers, services, utilities, travel companies etc use IVR technology for their customer interaction with out any agent interaction.
If you are a Voice Artist, you can lend your voice for such projects, where the scripts will be of short lines or of a few words.

Eg: Welcome to G-Corp Media Studios

Press1 for English

Press 2 for Hindi

Press 3 for workshops

Press 4 for voice coaching

Press 5 to speak to our executive


The Voice Over Artist here should have clear diction, proficiency in the language, be crisp, alert and have a quick response.

Keeping in mind the service you are voicing for, keep your pitch and tone consistent, normal and pleasing.

It is always best to record IVR voice messages in a studio or with a professional recording setup, or a good voice recorder app using a sound editing software, to get the best quality recordings.

Most IVR voice artists are paid by the prompt or by the word.

Voicing for IVRs is a great career option especially if you are proficient in multiple languages be it Indian or International. The more you know, the more options will be available for you. Remember always be able to read, write and speak the given language with absolute finesse and ease.
We believe “Every voice has a fit and IVRs might just be your cup of tea, Cheers to that!”