Tips To Keep Your Vocal Cords Healthy

Voice plays an important role in everyone’s life. Life has given us so much to look forward to, that you can enjoy your life in numerous ways by listening to songs, motivational speeches, audio books, podcasts etc. Just think about your childhood how your grandparents used to recite bed time stories or share their thoughts with you. In schools/universities teachers shared their knowledge with students by speaking, motivational talks and through lectures. All these mesmerizing, amazing moments happened all because of one amazing attribute of the human physiology and that is the Voice or Vocal Cords.  Folks enjoy listening to all these inspirational voices, it looks easy but what they don’t know is how much work, care and dedication an artist puts in behind their voice, to be able give you the best quality output.

What is the vocal cord and how does it work?

Vocal cord is a one of two small band of muscle within the larynx that vibrates to produce the voice. Sound is produced when the air which passes through the vocal cords causes them to vibrate and create sound waves in the pharynx, nose and mouth.

How does the vocal cord change pitch?

The muscles in the larynx further modulate the sound the cords produce by lengthening and shortening the cords to change the pitch.

Here are few tips to keep your vocal cords healthy:-

  1. Stay Hydrated:- The first and the foremost thing is to drink plenty of water. This is the easier way to keep your voice healthy. When you drink water your body produces the right amount of mucus that keeps your vocal cord lubricated and helps you to avoid strain.
  2. Avoid smoking:- As smoking is injurious to health and it also has side effects. Regular smoking decreases your pitch by changing the shape and structure of the vocal cord and damages it permanently. So avoid smoking for healthy vocal cords.
  3. Avoid Alcohol:- Drinking alcohol reduces the hydration level of the body. If you consume alcohol drink equal amount of water.
  4. Do vocal exercise:- Before starting the session do vocal exercises to loosen your vocal cords and releases tension from the body as well as voice, so there are less chances of damaging your vocals. For detailed information on vocal warm up and exercises please refer the link below:-
  5. Eat healthy food:– Diet also affect our vocal cords. Avoid processed foods like sugar, high carbs, oily food and dairy products (like Yogurts) that cause thick mucus and leads to affect your voice quality.
  6. Take frequent breaks:- As we do physical exercise and take breaks to give rest to our muscles just like that vocal cords also needs frequent breaks to avoid strain. Try to understand your vocal cords strength and limits, so you know when to take a break or stop.
  7. Breathing exercise:- Breathing exercises is also important for an artist whether you are a singer or a voice over artist. Doing pranayama is a great way of exercising your vocal cords, breathe for 8 counts and then try holding it and repeat, breathing in and out before any speech helps relax the voice.


If you are suffering from a sore throat, avoid speaking as it will give strain to the vocal cords and takes further time to recover.

Remedies to recover from a sore throat:-

  • Gargle with salt water- This won’t give you an immediate relief but an effective remedy to kill germs by loosening the mucus and easing the pain.
  • Honey- Honey is also a good remedy for a sore throat because of its antibacterial properties that works as a healer and also reduces inflammation.
  • Lemon- Lemon is also a good remedy for sore throat it breaks the mucus and gives relief to the throat.
  • Types of tea for sore throat- There are different kinds of herbal teas for a sore throat. Clove and green tea contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to fight against infections while providing relief. If you have a hoarse voice and difficulty in speaking try Chamomile tea it works as a natural lubricant.
  • Consult a doctor when required.
  • Drink fennel seeds (Saunf) water as it contains a mix of antioxidants, antimicrobial components and anti- inflammatory oils which prevents the elevation of cold and cough and gives relief to the throat and vocal cords.

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