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Top Voiceover Artists in India

A human voice, if mastered, is like a soundboard. Turn the dials up or down in a particular pattern, and you get the voice of someone enthusiastic, caring, tired or angry. And the one, who has explored every possible combination to use this tool and to create the most desirable voice as any client might desire, is called a voiceover artist. The industry of voiceover artists has produced many talented individuals who have left a historic impact in whichever field they offered there services to, here’s a list of some of the most prominent voice artists:

Atul Kapoor: He has dubbed multiple films from foreign languages and is known the most for when he was the narrator for Big Boss season 4 which made him a celebrity. He has dubbed the voice of the character of J.A.R.V.I.S., the AI assistant of Iron Man, in all the Iron Man films

Gurdip Wadhwa Sial: She is a voice actor, voiceover artist, voice trainer and runs a media company of her own. She has been in this business for 15 years, which let her amass a wealth of knowledge about voiceovers. She is one of the pioneers in the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) industry, has several dedicated and loyal customers in the banking and corporate sector. She had initially started off as a banker, but she ended up following her true calling which is voiceovers. She is the founder of G-Corp Media, which is one of the top media companies in India, providing voicer over services.

Jasleen Bhalla: The pandemic had created a lot of paranoia among the people. The fear led people to be quite confused and make a lot of rash decisions, so the government started to take measures to prevent that. One of those measures was to have a caller tune play on everyone’s cell phone, reminding people of the dangers of Covid-19, the precautions to take to avoid contracting it, to remain brave in the face of uncertainties and to not fall for the rampant misinformation. The assuring voice of this message was Jasleen Bhalla, who used her calm and assuring tone deliver this message with precision.

Ninad Kamat: Along with being an amazing voice actor, he is also a playback singer and film actor. This gives him an added advantage in his voiceovers and makes his voice more expressive and colourful. He has acted in countless films and is most famous for his dubbing of the Avenger’s villain Thanos in Hindi, a performance he often demonstrates whenever he is called for an interview.

Piyush Mishra: Most famous for his role in the film “Gangs of Wasseypur” as Nasir, Piyush Mishra has also used his voice to narrate ads. He voiced the Parle G ads with the slogan of “Roko Mat, Toko Mat”, the voiceover ends with a very beautiful line “Bachpan se bada koi school nahi. Curiosity se bada koi teacher nahi. Aao banaye kal ke genius.”. He is also a screenwriter, lyricist, singer and music director. He has used his heavy and impactful voice to add layers to the serious roles that has often offered.

Richa Nigam: The voice of all “Daag Achhe Hain” Surf Excel television ads, Richa Nigam’s grainy and husky voice is familiar with most Indian households. She has admitted to being insecure about her own voice because she wanted to be a singer, but she didn’t have the right voice it. But that changed when once she was asked to do her first voice over in an ad, and as she says, her “accidental” career in voice overs began and she turned her weakness into her biggest strength. She used to be a writer for an ad agency and later was also an assistant director. Her previous professions helped her understand the kinds of voiceovers advertisers would really want.

Sanket Mhatre: He had done the voice for Ben 10 on the cartoon network, along with many other cartoon characters. He recently voiced the superhero Deadpool in the film Deadpool 2. He has developed such a fan following, that when there was a decision to replace him with actor Ranveer Singh, people made their discontent heard on Twitter and the YouTube comments sections. He also has many fans from South India because he is also famous for having done the Hindi dubbings of many of the Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada films stars.

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