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How To Find A Good Recording Studio In Mumbai


Best Recording Studio in Mumbai


Facebook: Home to millions of communities regarding all kinds of subjects, Facebook has an active and thriving community related to voiceovers and dubbings. They are available on pages which can be easily accessed by searching for words like “voiceover”.

Yellow pages of the internet: Just Dial: With the fall in popularity of newspapers, people have turned to the internet for posting their job listings. Just Dial has risen up as one of the “yellow pages” of the internet, a popular and convenient place to find jobs only a phone call away. You can search for job prospects regarding voiceovers here. Sulekha.com: business platform offering services to mostly local businesses, this website can help you connect any regional start-ups other such openings regarding voice work.

Once you have a list of prospective studios you want to visit, ask them for a tour of their place so that you can consider the following precautions to make sure nothing impedes your recording sessions:

  1. Inquire on the kind of equipment they use. Make sure the soundcard, microphones they use is up to date, the sound-proofing of the walls of the recording booth has to be glitch less, along with a healthy and sanitary environment. The infrastructure of the studio is directly related to the acoustics in the booth.
  2. The sound engineer you will have to work with is very crucial to your project. He/she must be able to pick up on minute nuances in the sounds that are being worked on, this requires very keen observational skills. Make sure the studio employs a seasoned and experienced audio engineer.
  3. The software commonly used are Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, Cubase Pro 10, etc. These programs are mostly used by professionals. Although these applications can make your work a lot easier

G-Corp Media studio in Andheri East, Mumbai is one of the popular recording studios. It has all the facilities a singer or a voiceover artist could ask for. With helpful and experienced staff members, working on your projects here can be joyful and convenient. With glass-wool filled walls for sound-proofing the studio, you can be assured you will only hear your own voice in the booth. Using state-of-the-art equipment for recording and output, you can create the best version of your projects.

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