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G-Corp Media Pvt. Ltd. is a Mumbai based professional media creation entity engaged in providing one stop solutions for all your audio, video, training and content needs. We are one of the most proficient voice over service provider in India

We have a massive and loyal customer base, whom we have been servicing with our impeccable work ethics since 2006. We have successfully delivered 5000 plus content creations and 2000 plus voice over service-related projects. Our team has the in-depth understanding of voice over services from years of experience,and this will assist you on a large variety of subjects.

Our panel of voice over artists, both male and female, provides you a choice of selecting the just right fit for your project. This wide selection of competent and versatile talent pool gives us that cutting edge, which is a must to deliver the desired product in the field of media and content creation.

Be it dubbing, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), e-learning, TV commercials, radio advertisements, jingles or anything related to voice over, your search ends at us, regarded as one of the best recording studios in Mumbai. We have a reputation of delivering the desired content within agreed timelines, and we do not compromise on this part of our deliverables.

Our state-of-the-art recording studio in Mumbai,is like second home for many reputed professional voice over artists. The best in class equipment and software used here can capture sound in its best form, giving our voice over services top-notch quality.

We have an impressive voice bank both male and female voice artists with years of experience, also in addition to that we have fresh male and female voice artists who give you a younger and newer perspective, and to complete our repertoire of voices, we have competent child voice artists of various ages, so in a nutshell we cover all your voice needs at the best rates in one studio in Mumbai, India. We are also a coveted podcast recording studio in Mumbai that can cater to your entire requirements of podcast creation.

G-Corp Media not just services but trains in the scope of communication, voice modulation, voice artists, voice actors, voice dubbing, voice over services, leadership skills and various workshops across the industry. When you have Voicepreneurs and voice experts in house like us, why not give back that expert advice and teaching to the fraternity.

Apart from being acclaimed Voicepreneurs we are audio, video, content and music professionals. We have a team that can ideate, create, write scripts, shoot it, produce it and take it to the next level, giving you a 360 degree perspective of the creative outcome you are looking for. We guide and support you right from the story board to the end creative.

We service individuals, clients, corporates, media and production houses in India and internationally.

So finding the right company that fits your requirements is just a click away, find and hire all you need at www.gcorpmedia.com or
contact us @ +91- 9324011612 OR +91 9820644368

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