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Workshops & Training

Workshops & Training

Let us show you, how to sell your voice!

Through our Voiceover Workshops, we train aspiring voice professionals in nuances of Voice Acting and Dubbing. These workshops are conducted by the seasoned professionals, who themselves have aced the art of doing voice overs. If you have any questions pertaining to your planned plunge in the voice over industry, all these questions get answered in these workshops. You will not only get to know about the bare minimum basics of managing your vocal cords, you will also be taken through all the technological assistance, which is available now, to help propel your voice over journey. We ensure that you finish this workshop with a demo showreel, which will be your first step in the voice over world.

The workshops are available online and offline.

Our obsession for excellence in effective communication lead us to design our very own program “Communicate Right”. This is not one of those run of the mill training for the employees. Instead, this customized program is meant for working professionals to cater to their various voice coaching and communication needs.

We customize Boot Camps, Summer Workshops and After School Training Programs for Kids too.Our programs are fun, interactive and focus on skill-based learning, talent training and development.

We help you understand what the voice over industry is all about, the top opportunities available to you and most importantly we help you understand your voice and its potential worth and how to establish yourself in the voice over industry. With the right kind of voice over training, voice over courses, and voice over classes that fit your needs we can customize it to your benefit. Trust us when we say the opportunities are endless, they really are, as long as you are willing to work that skill.

As Voicepreneurs (Voice Entrepreneurs) our obsession for excellence in effective communication lead us to design our very own corporate training programs.

We also create customised communication training programs for your sales, marketing or leadership fraternity, according to your requirements, while experienced and skilled professionals from our team will facilitate the program from start to finish.

If you have an idea, let us activate it for you through indigenous workshops. We already have trained over a 1000 plus executives, professionals and students in various domains of voice and communication.

G-Corp media studios, have the best studio and workshops facility in Mumbai, India where we conduct workshops and voice over training programs in our own studios, we can also conduct the same in your facility or at a venue you prefer nearby or even simply online.

We have live workshops and training programs for beginner/ basic voice over and voice dubbing workshops every week, the fees being budget friendly and affordable.

At G-Corp Media studios we say “it’s time to get your communication game on” so just call us today for more details @+91- 9324011612 we would love to hear from you.

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Individual workshops

Let’s break the myth that you don’t’ have a voice, for we believe you do have a voice, you just have to find the fit!

    • Voice Over & Dubbing
    • Customized Communication Workshops
    • Beginner’s Sound Editing
    • Beginner’s Video Editing

Corporate workshops

Let us help you Engage and Deliver through our professional workshops for middle and senior level management.

    • Communicate Right
    • Leadership Skills
    • Presentation Skills

Kids workshops

Learn, grow & discover your hidden talents!

    • Kids Voice Over, Dubbing & Animation
    • Workshop with sessions on Beat Boxing, Rap and Poetry, Emceeing & Hosting, Sports Commentary, DJing, Story Telling and Book & Movie Reviews
    • Public Speaking
    • Content Writing