Audio Books Playing A Vital Role In The New Era

Reading a book was an old tradition which is still going on but due to advancement in technology audiobooks gave us the best solution to access information, stories, news etc. You can listen to these books anywhere, anytime whether you are travelling, driving, riding or in the gym. Previously people would listen to music on their devices but today we can listen to audio books on the go because of their portability. To listen to these audio books you just need a smartphone or a tablet and can download it from the app store or the play store, it’s as simple as that!

Reading verses Listening:-

Reading and listening are two different tracks but have a same port of call. Reading is the act of recognizing words and understanding the meaning of the words. It involves processing the meaning using your eyes, mind and emotions. Reading requires concentration and a silent environment where there is less disruption.

Listening is the act of processing and understanding the language of words while using your ears and mind. Listening also requires your attention but in a more conducive environment. The same         understanding is coherent when it comes to books verses audio books.

Scope of Audio books:- 

  • Authors:- Today authors are getting new platform’s to publish their works and audio books is an added boon for them as it gives their books a lot more life and character and visually creates a story in the mind.
  • Academia: – Students, teachers and professional trainers can now access subject matter at their fingertips gone are the days of bulky books and boring professors.
  • For the blind:– For many years  the blind had faced multiple problems in accessing audio books, because of the advent of audio books in the new era this has led to more accessibility in information and a growth in learning and entertainment.

Voice over artist in recording audio books:-

As the concept of audio books started, the demand for voiceover artists also started increasing. Artists started getting opportunities and a lot of new talent got a chance to showcase their voice.

How to choose a voice over artist for audio books?

  1. Versatility:- Versatility is the most important characteristic of a professional voice over artist. You need to know if he/she can alter or modify his/her tone accordingly with regard to the script. A good voice artist has the ability to voice effortlessly multiple characters be it funny, sober, angry etc.  Here mastery of voice modulation is essential to be able to voice various styles like narratives, stories, dramas etc. If they can speak in different languages naturally, it’s an added advantage.
  2. Experience:– Experience is also considered while selecting voice over artists for audio books. Subject matter experience is preferable. They should have good communication skills and command over the language.
  3. Demo Show Reels:– Before hiring any voice over artist for any project, always check their previous released works or demos to understand if they match your expectation. This gives you a fair idea if they are suitable for your project or not.
  4. Reviews and References:– Always check reviews and testimonials of artists. Having references that talk about your work helps the recruiter or agency to select the right voice. That voice could be you!
  5. Costs:– It is important to check the cost of voice over narration, voice over artists charges, duration of the content to be recorded etc. If you are releasing your first audio book always stick to your budget.

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