Top Reasons To Invest In A Voice Coach

You just watched your favourite movie and it moved you, you just heard an influencer talk and it excited you, you just heard your guru or icon give a motivational speech and it inspired you, all this is due to the amazing act of the Voice. We all have a voice, so how can i use it to the best of my advantage? How does my voice, work in complete versatility to be able to perform in different and various situations to create an unforgettable impact on my audience?

Well! it’s the ability to first understand voice histrionics.

Understand how your voice can modulate accordingly with respect to various platforms?

How can you maintain the hygiene of your voice?

How to work with a home set or with a studio set up?

How your voice sounds and how you can enrich or enhance your voice performance with various techniques?

How to exercise your vocal cords for optimum performance?

How to get the best output of your voice using various microphones?

How do you work on your vocal delivery and the aesthetics of a dialect, accent and language?

How can i project my voice and articulate perfectly?

How to make a showreel of your voice? etc.

To answer all these questions, we would say invest in a Voice Coach.

A Voice Coach is your guide or teacher who helps you work with your voice, improve your articulation, projection and provide other specialized instructions with advanced voice techniques.

A vocal coach knows the best and experienced techniques on how to help a tutee strengthen his or her voice quality from mediocre or average to a good performance-level. A vocal coach can further assist you with such matters as pronunciation, accent neutralization, vocal range, performance practice and vocal warmups.

A Vocal Coach will help you focus on the following prime areas:

  • Develop Good Speech Skills– helping you project your voice, with clarity and a good speed.
  • Enunciating & Pronunciation-how to be able to voice words correctly in the given accents and dialects.
  • Vocal Exercises- working with breathing exercises for a rich speaking voice. Like we always say your breath should come from the diaphragm and not your chest. Taking breaths at the right points in a sentence is important, as it helps you to voice seamlessly without pausing or running out of breath.
  • Voice Nuances– Pitch, Tone & Tempo- these are the 3 key factors of your voice, which are imperative when it comes to voicing.
  • Practice! Practice! Practice! – the various methods how you can practice, be it reading aloud, or recording yourself and listening back.


See a voice coach today especially if you would like to improve your speech, public speaking abilities, debating styles or even presenting techniques.  Your voice is your second face, and we believe your voice is your number one key attribute to making it work for you, not just in your career but in building relationships, connections, and in every aspect of life, you will notice that your voice can be the change for you in life in the most promising ways.

So, invest today and reap the benefits tomorrow, at G Corp Media we help you invest in your voice with our professional studio set up and professional voice coaches and voice-preneurs to give you that professional start in the voice industry.

Get in touch with us for more details on voice coaching or training, recording or any kind of audio-visual work.

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