Top 8 Vocal Exercises and Warmups to Help You Voice Like A Pro

Exercise is one of the most important aspects in life, not just to maintain a healthy lifestyle but to keep your mind, body and soul working in harmony both physically and mentally. Your voice isn’t far behind here, it too needs nourishment and exercise to perform at its best potential.

So how do i maintain a good, strong, healthy voice? Well let’s start with some simple exercises that you can do daily.

A Vocal Warm Up is required and what it does is help you improve the performance of the individual muscles of the throat, the larynx and upper vocal tract of the mouth. This improves the vocal quality of the sound you can produce and helps the tone of speech flow more naturally. It also helps prevent vocal injury when using your voice extensively and improves the voice delivery, removing clicks or dryness of the voice. Also by virtue of being able to control your breath and air pressure as you speak, a vocal warm up enables you to reach the required ranges, pitches, tones and tempos when speaking or even singing.


Warm Up Exercises For The Voice:


  1. AEIOU: Let’s reduce the tension in the mouth while speaking, we begin with working the muscles of the jaw here. Say the letters A E I O U out loud and slowly, notice when you say the letter you are stretching the jaw muscles for A or E etc. For variations hold a stick or pencil in your mouth, hold it across your mouth from cheek to cheek and then say the letters AEIOU out loud a number of times.


  1. Lalalala: To warm up the tongue and the vocal cords, say Lalalalalalala and start with a low Lalalalala and build up to a high crescendo, it’s like you are creating a low and high wave saying lalalalala.


  1. Do Re Mi So/Sa Re Ga Ma: Similarly, you can say the musical notes of do re mi or sa re ga ma, keep saying this from a low note to a high note, this works with the vocal cords producing various notes and sounds giving you a lot more flexibility when speaking or singing.


  1. The Yawn and Sigh: it’s a fun exercise where you take in air like you are yawning and release or exhale air with a sigh at the same time, this helps relax your vocal cords and improve your range, so the next time you see someone yawning, you know they just exercised their voice and it’s not all boring.


  1. Jaw Drops: This is simple and works the jaw muscles, it’s part of the yawning technique, where you slowly drop your jaw and bring it up again, no jerks just smoothly drop down and lift up.


  1. Lip Buzz or Trill: Oh! this is great fun, especially for kids, you might have seen babies doing it quite often, the lip buzz or trill is where you make a sound like a motor car or bike, where your lips vibrate and blow air through your mouth. Try this and you will be smiling.


  1. Humming: We all love to hum our favourite songs or tunes, well! did you know humming is a great vocal warm up exercise. Hum while you keep your mouth closed and let the notes sound like Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm… do it in the tune of that song you just can’t get out of your head.


  1. Breathing: Just doing simple breathing exercises can do wonders, breathe from your diaphragm, the diaphragm is a muscle between your chest and your belly that governs how much air you inhale and exhale when you breathe. So just by slowly and meditatively breathing in and breathing out a couple of times not just warms up your voice but relaxes you and your voice at the same time.


Remember sound is generated by vibrations of your vocal cords, where air is being pushed out of your lungs where you create the sound of speech or words. Your diaphragm is what controls the pushing of air out of your lungs and is responsible for putting power behind your voice.


It is essential to exercise and give your voice a good warm up before any speech, presentation or public speaking, singing, voice over or even dubbing.


Maintaining the fitness and hygiene of your voice can go a long way for you, especially if your voice is your career and passion. Love your voice, take care of it and respect it.

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