Impact of Voice Over In E-Learning

Impact of Voice over in E-Learning

Voice-overs give us experiences, how melodies give us stories. When does a mere echo become a powerful resonating voice? Let this article give you an idea of the voice and its impact in education.

Education has always been in the traditional form of a student-teacher setting in a physical classroom. However the COVID-19 pandemic happened to bring a paradigm shift to everything.

Learning your material through a video conference call with your professor and fellow students became the norm. Notes, textbooks, projects, research, all went digital. Let us remind ourselves that e-learning also existed before the pandemic.

Where digital material would be presented in the classroom in front of students, as an alternative to the chalk-board format. Digital material enhances the audio-visual aspect of learning material, making the overall experience completely interactive.
Adding to this the element of voice-overs has brought about massive change to education.

Imagine seeing a sequence of power-point slides with just images and text on-screen? Now imagine the same slides, but with a voice-over narrating the content. How does this scenario make you feel?
Would you rather learn with a dynamic voice or monotonous slides of text and images?

Just as we know that change is the only constant, this applies to education as well. If it is not evolving, it is not education. Nearly every household has a smartphone, specially the children. As compared to millennials born towards the late 1990s, the new generation has been exposed to a more evolved form of technology and access to information.

Social media platforms are the first points of access for any Gen-Z kid, and this is exactly where they get their eyes stuck first thing in the morning. Minimal text, maximum visuals and sound. A voice over added to any digital material ups the ante for any student.

Dating back to late 1990s, an Educational Technology expert by the name of Elliott Massie, gave rise to the term ‘E-Learning’. Ever since then, the term turned into a full blown concept which illustrated the idea of students being able to learn even outside the classroom, especially for those unable to have direct access to a classroom.

“We need to bring learning to people, instead of people to learning’, quoted Elliott Massie.

Adding dynamic and expressive voice overs enhances the delivery and learnability of the material. The latest smartphones are built to optimum capabilities for communication, and the better the voices involved, the richer the education.

Apart from classroom education, voice-overs are also involved for corporate purposes. When it comes to employee training, education observed a complete shift. Corporate training is generally associated with monotonous and robotic tones of voice, and this need has changed completely since the pandemic. Top companies have resorted to the change ever since Microsoft Teams and Zoom took over the workplace lifestyle.

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