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Anita Naidu Pawaskar

Head - Content

Anita is your content and communication professional working in the media and entertainment industry for the last 20 years.

A literature and music aficionado, a trainer, radio jock, radio professional and storyteller, she is our most loved mentor and is her best when Infront of the mic.

She has an MPhil in English literature though having graduated with a degree in electronics, she wanted to study the stars, but ended up interviewing the stars instead.  That’s quite a journey for someone who heads our content writing agency.

She believes content is king wherever you go and to impart knowledge in skilled ways is so important. Content creation is something, which she can do day after day, without losing the smile on her face. Her endeavour in life is to give back our learnings, as she says “experience is the greatest teacher in life, we all have a story to tell, lets tell it well!”